Friday, 29 May 2009


We can not change other people’s perceptions of ourselves unless they want it to change, words and actions don’t always change anything.

People will see what they choose to see, they won’t see the good if that good brings them close to their fears.
They will instead distort reality in order to protect themselves from the truth. They create expectations and hopes and cling to them, to protect themselves, then crash with rage, despair and desperation when they can’t get what they want and get pushed closer to their fears.

There are times when we need to defend who we are, and times when we need to put people straight with the facts of events and situations.
There are other times when we simply need to acknowledge WHY we want to defend and put things right..
I guess all I’m trying to say is… We all want to be looked well upon, but at the end of the day – we are not judged by other people, we are judged by – the universal laws…god... ourselves...

Having trust that those conceited and ignorant people will be dealt with under the same laws of life (Karma) in time, should be enough to remove the need to waste energy trying to defend our honor to the cat. (By cat I mean, sometimes you should defend your honor, to those who matter).

The other thing is, if you don’t waste energy on those kind of things, it frees up energy for use on other more positive things.

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