Monday, 29 June 2009


It's not very often that I get ill, very rare that I catch any cold that is going around. There has been a lot of releasing over the past week and I can feel the effects...

There is a lot to be thankful for regular medicine, even though personally, I prefer to leave that as a very last resort - conventional medicine does have it's place for convenience and I guess we live in a time where we want everything now.

Spiritual clearing and releasing does take time and it does require one to be undistracted. As a mother; (and as any mother knows) this isn't always possible!

But do remember, it doesn't sell you out to take medicine or pain killers - our roles in families and in our work do matter; and it also isn't wrong to stay in bed all day if you need to recover.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Helping others

It's human nature to want to help other people. When you do so, and it is appreicated, it can make us feel useful or wanted. When you do so and it is not appreicated, it can make us feel used. Remember please; that when you do something for anyone, you should do it not for recognition or for any good feelings that may arise. You should do it because you want to. That way, if it is appreicated or not, you can still feel good about yourself.

Sometimes we try to help people, and they can abuse our nature. If you feel this at any point, it is important to assess why you wish to help them. And also, assess with your own intution if they really DO want help, or if they just want someone to rely on and do the hard work for them.

Saturday, 27 June 2009


We all have issues, feel self concious, or even over confident. Everything we do, we do for reasons, mostly not out of enjoyment of our OWN true self.

Play, sing, laugh, enjoy more and celebrate more... This is gratitude of living. Of being alive. It also helps make you feel better too.

Integration of this throughout an entire day will only become exhausting if you try too hard. If you listen to your 'inner' self, your intution, you will do as you feel.... which, will say 'slow down', calm down - not for any particular reason, other THAN.

Friday, 26 June 2009


I've always been a great believer in following my heart, it leads me to expereince good things, but along the way - in the past - it has led me to experience people and situations who think or require logical thought. In these instances, you see - at times - that fear in some aspect holds things back.

Being afraid to let go of something, being afraid for yourself, or for others. When you hold back because you've been burnt in the past, or for any reason - you can not follow your heart.

Thursday, 25 June 2009


There are many beautiful things in life, and sharing the company of those you care about is truly one of them. When there is lightness in your hearts and when there are no immediate pressing worries or concerns, life can feel so beautiful.

So after a beautiful day, I ask myself; why do we as human beings allow ourselves to become so bogged down with things that we simply are unable to enjoy each day we have.

Is that worry or concern or niggle that you have worth ruining the potential of the beautiful day ahead... any day, every day has the potential to be beautiful.

It is indeed, your choice how you greet your day.
Life is indeed short, and each day, really is for living.
Don't waste a minute.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Words, they mean so much. But actions speak far louder.

Doesn't matter if you say something, it's what you do about it which counts.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Enough already!

Eventually enough has to be enough.

You can put up with some annoyances for a length of time, you can avoid change for a certain length of time, you can adhere to rules and restrictions which you don't really agree with - for a certain length of time.

Eventually though, eventually - one gets to the point where they have had enough.

It's not always when other people say - crickey haven't you had enough yet - it's far more personal

Friday, 19 June 2009


There is no shame in adapting or changing your belief system, by this, I mean if you always do things a certain way, who can say that a few improvements can't be made.

This is not only relevent in practical things, but is incredibly relevent in our thought processes and beliefs, ideas, passions and fears.

Things change, lifestyles change - and along the way WE must change and adapt as well

Thursday, 18 June 2009


We all have to deal with changes in life, we get older, move home, change jobs, lose our jobs, lose loved ones, we get sick, we get stuck...
How we adapt to change, how we react to change will determine how smoothly that transition occurs.

If we resist change, we moan, we grumble, we find no good.

If we embrace change, we find hope, we can look forward.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


What happens when you keep filling up a drawer - eventually it fills up and it overflows...

This results in some kind of chaos. Which needs to be sorted out.

In most homes, there is a drawer or a cupboard - where everything that doesn't have a home gets chucked in. Eventually that drawer fills up and you go to clear it out.
When you do so; you may find things that you have no idea WHY you kept; and some things that you still want to keep even though you haven't used it in over a year.
So the drawer doesn't really get cleared out... maybe a few things get binned.. but that drawer is always the home for 'everything else'.

The same thing occurs with our emotions; we keep them inside, keep our opinions and thoughts to ourselves - not always out of secrecy; but often because we just don't know how to address them... and sometimes we aren't even sure if they are problems.

So we push them aside. We don't deal with them - then eventually, we are full to the brim and slighest little thing can annoy us or upset us

If you are aware this is occuring, it is imperitive to speak out. To say what you need to say. Even if you don't have a solution; communicating - even in a diary, can help immensely to 'tidy up the drawer'.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Under pressure

As always, there are a million and one things to be done.
It's common to feel quite swamped by it all.
Not knowing where to start, being unable to prioritise - as everything is just as urgent.

When there is too much to do, the really important thing is to ensure that you make a start somewhere.
Give 100% of your thoughts to completing that single task - and then move on to the next task.
Otherwise, there is a liklihood of becoming stressed, anxious, doing a sub-standard job etc..

Do your best, but do not put your health at risk.
It is just as important to be practical about your need to take a break, to rest, to laugh, to exercise...
So, do ensure that even when there is so much to do that you really can't afford to take a break... remember that if you don't, eventually your body will retaliate... maybe you'll oversleep, maybe you'll get a headache, or maybe you'll catch a cold...

And also bear in mind, that if you are feeling good - you will do a far better job than if you are feeling under pressure...

Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace.


Monday, 8 June 2009

Rising above it all

How do you rise above something which is irritating the hell out of you?

Understanding and Forgiveness.

If we choose to hold on to something, and fight tooth and nail to retain it. Even the victory one may feel in obtaining it, is often overshadowed by the fear of losing it again.

However, If you choose to allow into your life the things that come your way, never holding on too tightly. You can live your life without fear of losing, and instead feel gratitude for what you have, when you have it and feel joy.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Taking Ownership

Take ownership of your self, your inner self, your outer self, your issues, your problems.... and allow others to take ownership of themselves, their issues and their problems...

Other peoples issues are not yours unless you allow them to be.

Friday, 5 June 2009


When we are afraid of something, it keeps us caged.

Imagine if you like, your fear (spiders/flying/loss/change) is standing outside of your front door.
You would not be able to leave the house, you would become anxious, afraid every time the door bell rang...
would you close the windows?
would you secure the doors?
would you close the curtains?

It's true we have to face our fears - and in the case of spiders/snakes/flying etc... we know we can take quite tangible action, become informed to overcome them.
What happens if your fear is emotionally based?

You can't conquer a fear of the opposite sex by throwing yourself at them..
You can't conquer a fear of inadequacy by constantly striving to be the best...

It is NOT possible to conquer emotional fear through physical action or physical inaction.

Emotional fears and issues scar us deep inside.
Emotional fears are based on an experience in our past.
The only way to conquer an emotionally based fear is by changing your emotional responses.
The only way to change your emotional responses is by fully understanding your current responses.
The only way to fully understand your current response is by seeking back into your past to find the trigger, the cause, the first time you responded in that way...

We are creatures of habit are we not....
The only way we can change our emotional response is by choosing not to let our past have any further affect on us, we have to emotionally heal our past... we have to let it go, with forgiveness, with understanding, and with love.

Thursday, 4 June 2009


We should learn to worry a little less, do our best, be clear in what we want and don't want - but really, we should try to worry a little less.


If something is really worrying you, cut to the chase.
Figure out WHY.
Know what is within your limits to do something about.
Know what is without.
Know what you will do, if the worst occurs.
Know what you will do, if the best occurs.

Then let it go - until.. either or other occurs.

If we hold on too tightly to a particular outcome, we are not acting in our own best interests...
Wasting time and precious energy worrying... is it really worth it?

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Letting it all go

And so, let us be reminded - it is not just about understanding our triggers, but infact about truly letting go of all those things which we are working through.

If you are the way you are because of an event which occured to you as a child, isn't it about time you realised that you are not that child anymore.
You are an adult, and as such have the ability to make informed decisions... those decisions can include deciding not to react as you are a child, but instead act - as the adult you are.

Harsh words indeed, yet as an adult - one must be able to see the sense in it.There is so much talk of the 'inner child' and I'm not sure that people really grasp what it is about. They claim that they are healing the inner child, but are they?
Are they really healing it?
Are they truly able to let go of those issues...?

Recognising our traits is one thing, going back and blaming those traits on an event in your childhood is totally acceptable - to start with.But we must not continue to blame. We must understand that we are not that child anymore, that events were as they were - and they were that way for a very good reason.

It is one thing to say 'I understand', it is another to say 'I have learnt', but how many people can truly step forward and say - that NO longer has any influence over me at all.


Tuesday, 2 June 2009


We all have to deal with changes in life, we get older, move home, change jobs, lose our jobs, lose loved ones, we get sick, we get stuck...

How we adapt to change, how we react to change will determine how smoothly that transition occurs.

Monday, 1 June 2009

In the Flow

Going with the flow means we have to stop harbouring fears, we have to drop anxiety, we have to loose all our personal inhibitions and start doing as we feel.

When we start doing as we feel, something amazing happens.
We not only FEEL better, as in happier, more confident and more relaxed. But we allow more co-incidences into our lives...'s almost as though things are magnetically drawn to us.

This is because we are in the flow.