Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Letting it all go

And so, let us be reminded - it is not just about understanding our triggers, but infact about truly letting go of all those things which we are working through.

If you are the way you are because of an event which occured to you as a child, isn't it about time you realised that you are not that child anymore.
You are an adult, and as such have the ability to make informed decisions... those decisions can include deciding not to react as you are a child, but instead act - as the adult you are.

Harsh words indeed, yet as an adult - one must be able to see the sense in it.There is so much talk of the 'inner child' and I'm not sure that people really grasp what it is about. They claim that they are healing the inner child, but are they?
Are they really healing it?
Are they truly able to let go of those issues...?

Recognising our traits is one thing, going back and blaming those traits on an event in your childhood is totally acceptable - to start with.But we must not continue to blame. We must understand that we are not that child anymore, that events were as they were - and they were that way for a very good reason.

It is one thing to say 'I understand', it is another to say 'I have learnt', but how many people can truly step forward and say - that NO longer has any influence over me at all.


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