Friday, 5 June 2009


When we are afraid of something, it keeps us caged.

Imagine if you like, your fear (spiders/flying/loss/change) is standing outside of your front door.
You would not be able to leave the house, you would become anxious, afraid every time the door bell rang...
would you close the windows?
would you secure the doors?
would you close the curtains?

It's true we have to face our fears - and in the case of spiders/snakes/flying etc... we know we can take quite tangible action, become informed to overcome them.
What happens if your fear is emotionally based?

You can't conquer a fear of the opposite sex by throwing yourself at them..
You can't conquer a fear of inadequacy by constantly striving to be the best...

It is NOT possible to conquer emotional fear through physical action or physical inaction.

Emotional fears and issues scar us deep inside.
Emotional fears are based on an experience in our past.
The only way to conquer an emotionally based fear is by changing your emotional responses.
The only way to change your emotional responses is by fully understanding your current responses.
The only way to fully understand your current response is by seeking back into your past to find the trigger, the cause, the first time you responded in that way...

We are creatures of habit are we not....
The only way we can change our emotional response is by choosing not to let our past have any further affect on us, we have to emotionally heal our past... we have to let it go, with forgiveness, with understanding, and with love.

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