Wednesday, 17 June 2009


What happens when you keep filling up a drawer - eventually it fills up and it overflows...

This results in some kind of chaos. Which needs to be sorted out.

In most homes, there is a drawer or a cupboard - where everything that doesn't have a home gets chucked in. Eventually that drawer fills up and you go to clear it out.
When you do so; you may find things that you have no idea WHY you kept; and some things that you still want to keep even though you haven't used it in over a year.
So the drawer doesn't really get cleared out... maybe a few things get binned.. but that drawer is always the home for 'everything else'.

The same thing occurs with our emotions; we keep them inside, keep our opinions and thoughts to ourselves - not always out of secrecy; but often because we just don't know how to address them... and sometimes we aren't even sure if they are problems.

So we push them aside. We don't deal with them - then eventually, we are full to the brim and slighest little thing can annoy us or upset us

If you are aware this is occuring, it is imperitive to speak out. To say what you need to say. Even if you don't have a solution; communicating - even in a diary, can help immensely to 'tidy up the drawer'.

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