Wednesday, 1 July 2009


Many people whom suffer from Anxiety and Anxiety attacks may find the following activities worthwhile. They will aid your breathing techniques and help you to find a sense of calm.

Tai Chi
Classes are carried out in most locations, to find classes and centres that can teach you meditation, pilates, tai chi and yoga.

Alternatively you can purchase books, cds and dvds that can help to teach you the basics. Please note that you will get most benefit from a professional, as they will be able to correct your mistakes and won't push you further than you can manage.

The following types of therapy may help you overcome Anxiety.

The professional guidance of a trainer counsellor or psychotherapist can help you to work through the core issues which are causing your anxiety, in a relaxed and friendly manner.

Massage can help you to relax, thus will lower your anxiety levels. Although it may not treat the anxiety at the core, it will certainly have an uplifting effect on your self.

Hypnotherapy can also help you work through your core issues in regards to Anxiety.

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