Thursday, 13 August 2009


Why project your anger onto someone else? Especially an innocent family member or work colleague... You will actually feel better by taking time out to VOICE your anger with calm words.

By shouting 'GO AWAY, LEAVE ME ALONE' you are not voicing your anger. you are PROJECTING your anger and allowing other people to pick it up and get angry too...

By taking a deep breath, downing tools for a minute and saying 'I'm sorry for shouting, I'm really worried about work and I cant seem to concentrate, I didn't mean to snap' You are explaining your actions, voicing out your concerns and will be more able to find a viable solution, and maybe even a helping hand.

Remove anger by knowing that everything will work out for the best one way or another.

Remove Anger by accepting situations.

Shouting at someone will NOT improve how YOU are feeling. It will NOT automatically trigger the response YOU want from them (of course it 'may', but you can't guarantee it). And if you do NOT get the response you wanted, shouting and getting angry AT someone, will actually make you feel worse.

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