Friday, 25 September 2009

Chakra / Back Ache

About 10 years before I 'learnt' about Chakras. I used to have a terrible lower back ache. (Situated at the back of my Sacral Chakra). Some days it was terribly painful, other days it was like there was no problem at all. I recall going to the doctors, having it looked at by a specialist, and had x-rays - yet no problem could be found. No problem, yet the back pain continued, intermitantly for many years.

As I started working on my chakras, eventually I realised that I should fix my back. After a few months of intense soul searching, understanding myself and my issues around the sacral chakra, finding ways to resolve the issues and chakra energy work/visualisation.
The back pain never returned.
Along with that, I noticed that I never EVER got (sorry guys) PMT. Any women out there that suffer very badly with PMT - please, I do recommend that you look back in your life for any old issues that relate to the sacral chakra.

When in balance the sacral chakra offers us; Self Respect, self esteem, confidence in our abilities, a sense of freedom.

Imbalances are caused by restriction, Withdrawn behaviour/wanting to withdraw, destructive feelings, dependency, waiting, Low self esteem, low sex drive, difficulty communicating with other people (particularly the opposite sex). Denial of pleasure (not just sex), Martyr behaviour.

If you back ache is originating here, are you are likely having issues which involve give or take'

Further reading on the Sacral Chakra may be found by clicking the link below.

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