Saturday, 26 September 2009


Duality: Ii is s the two seperate parts of ourselves, that have a clear distinction, yet when we find it difficult to live our daily lives in either fully.
One part of us is the 'old' us. The person we were BEFORE we saw light or glimmer in being a more spiritual person.
The other part of us is the 'new' us. The person we want to be, more spiritual, more in balance and more at peace.

Finding ourselves getting angry, or upset, or selfish, or controlling. Then standing back and thinking "What am I doing!"

Duality is normal. Duality is a process, a part of us which is learning to live in a new way. Whenever there is change, it takes time to adjust.

Let's take a simple example. For years you have put the sugar bowl next to the kettle. After a tidy up and re-arrangement, the sugar bowl now resides on the shelf. For days after moving it, you instinctively reach for the sugar bowl, expecting it to be by the kettle. For a second you think "Where is it" and then you remember it's new home on the shelf.
Eventually, you will instinctively reach for it on the shelf. But it takes time.

Duality also arises when we mix with the general public, we are faced with situations and circumstance which requires us to 'fit in' with whatever is going on around us. At the grocery store, the post office, the workplace... We all have to find a balance, a way to handle these places and situations in the best way that we can. But often we find, especially at the start of a spiritual journey; that we find ourselves slipping back into the 'old' us, in order to get by, because the 'new' us simply doesn't know how to respond, or maintain itself surrounded by old influences.

Rememeber, that's normal too.
Change doesn't come naturally, change needs to be learnt, handled and needs to become the 'norm'. This takes time. And one step at a time is fine.

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